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Pure and sure

5 Aug 2020 | Press

Pas-de-Calais Tourist Board has identified and mapped businesses who clearly display their commitment to the implementation and respect of health and safety protocols related to their activities. You can use the interactive map to choose where you want to stay and follow our simple guidelines to ensure you have a relaxing holiday.

For general information for travelers to France please read the following pages: 



Who commits to what ?


The commitments towards both staff and visitors are contained in the national guidelines presented in French for use by local businesses. You will find them on the website of the Ministry of Labour and Employment : Ministère du Travail  “GUIDES DES ORGANISATIONS PROFESSIONNELLES”

  • Hotels, cafés, restaurants
  • Campsites
  • Union Nationale pour la Promotion de la Location de Vacances – holiday rentals
  • Hostels, clubs and holiday villages
  • Leisure centres, leisure parks and cultural sites

The following poster : “République Française – Covid-19″ : indicates that an establishment is committed to respecting the health and safety protocol.


In the absence of a national protocol related to certain businesses, or in the case of recognised brands creating their own protocol, the business involved will commit to one of the following :

  • Tourist offices have a guide to best practices which was driven by the national network of tourism administrations : ADN Tourisme. This guide is available for upload here : download
  • Holiday rentals under the Gîtes de France and Clévacances labels also have a protocol produced by their federation as a member of the national union for holiday rentals.
  • Hotel groups, such as Accor, have developed their own guidelines.
  • Certain businesses have called upon an audit office in order to comply with the entirety of protocols.


As a member of the general public we request that each and every one of us respects each other by maintaining a distance of 1m between you and people outside of your group.

The following guidelines should be respected at all times.

Look out for floor markings in public buildings and shops, directional arrows will guide you and lines will indicate the distance of 1M between you and the person in front of you.

Wearing a mask is mandatory in shops, restaurants, hotels and all public places as is the use of hand cleaning gel, at your disposal on entry. In restaurants you may remove your mask once seated but will need to put it on again when standing or moving across the room. Restaurants, bars, snack bars, tearooms, takeaways, and food stores must close from 12.30 am to 6.00 am

Masks are also mandatory in crowded outdoor situations such as markets or busy streets*.  We recommend you contact individual tourist offices for complete information. However, if in doubt we suggest that you wear a mask in all public places where contact with other people is inevitable.

Smaller shops will indicate the number of clients, the maximum capacity of people accepted at one time.

*The mask is already mandatory in :

Arras : Place des Héros,  Rue des Balances, Rue de la Taillerie, Rue Ronville, Rue Wasquez Glasson

Béthune : Grand-place

Ambleteuse : Boulevard de la Liberté

Audinghen : Belvedere and Cap Gris-Nez

Boulogne-sur-Mer : Jardins de Nausicaa, Jetée Nord-Est, Place Godefroy de Bouillon, Place Dalton, Place Frédéric Sauvage, Promenade de la Plage, Promenade San Martin, Quai Gambetta, Rue du Doyen, Rue de Lille, Rue Monsigny, Rue Thiers, Rue Victor Hugo et Foire Quai Thurot

Le Portel : Quai du Calvaire, Quai Trouin, Quai de la vierge, Quai de la Violette

Neufchâtel-Hardelot : Avenue de la Concorde, Avenue d’Eole, Avenue François 1er, Boulevard de la Mer, Place de Bournonville, Place de la Concorde

Wimereux : Digue, Quai Giard, Quai d’Hazebrouck, Rue Carnot, Site de la Pointe-aux-Oies

Wissant : Digue

Calais : Digue Gaston Berthe, Place d’Armes, Rue de la Mer,  Rue Royale

Sangatte : Digue Gaston Berthe, Digue de Sangatte

Hénin-Beaumont : Place Carnot, Place Jean Jaurès, Place de la République, Place Wagon

Lens : Boulevard Basly,  rue de la Gare, rue Jean Letienne,Parvis de l’hôtel de ville, Rue de Lannoy, Rue du Maréchal Leclerc , Rue de la Paix Rue de Paris

Liévin : Place Gambetta, Rue François Courtin, Rue Jean-Baptiste Defernez, Rue Victor Hugo

Berck : Esplanade Maritime, Esplanade Parmentier, Promenade du Professeur Jean Debeyre, Place de l’Entonnoir, Rue Carnot, Rue du Grand Hôtel

Camiers : Esplanade Sainte-Cécile

Cucq-Stella-Plage : Boulevard de la Mer

Etaples : Boulevard de l’Impératrice, Quai Napoléon 1er

Merlimont : Avenue de la Plage, Boulevard de la Manche, Place du Commerce, Place de la Gare, Place de la Chapelle

Le TouquetParis-Plage : Front de mer, Avenue Saint Jean, Rue de Londres, Rue de Metz, Rue de Paris, Rue Saint Jean, Route en Corniche

Saint-Omer : Rue des Clouteries, Rue de Dunkerque, Rue du Huitième de Ligne, Rue Louis Martel, Rue du Minck



Pas-de-Calais pure & sure

This interactive map was created for the national campaign « Cet été, je visite la France » (This summer I shall visit France). It is updated regularly by tourist offices as well as county and regional tourist boards. The information is collected directly from the businesses.

The census is progressive and presents the detail of sanitary measures taken to enable businesses to welcome visitors within the guidelines of the health protocols related to their activity.

Please note : businesses which have presently chosen to remain closed do not appear on this map. All data comes from OpenDataDATAtourisme, this data base is piloted by Direction Générale des Entrprises and ADN Tourisme.