Traditional Christmas food.

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feast for your eyes, delight for your tastebuds.

The generosity of Pas-de-Calais is best demonstrated at the table, which needs to be long enough to seat all the guests and wide enough to fit all of the dishes. This is particularly true during Christmas and New Year holidays.

All of the recipes make the most of the flavour of local produce, grown in the region’s rich terroirs, and the wonderful taste of tradition, authenticity and sharing. Salmon, shellfish, foie gras, snails, Licques poultry will accompany endives, cress, cauliflower or rattes du Touquet potatoes, all washed down with beer or Juniper gin !

Enjoy your meal !

smoked salmon

A family history, values ​​and know-how: Corrue-Deseille is one of the last smokehouses and traditional fish salting company in Boulogne-sur-Mer.

Smoked salmon, salmon steaks, smoked dogfish … Corrue-Deseille have been working for more than a century in the respect of tradition.

Where to buy ?

24 rue du DR Duchenne, Boulogne-sur-Mer

Open Monday to Friday from 7 am to 2 pm

And Saturday from 7 am to 11 am.



In Saint-Martin-Choquel, the snail farm raises « Gros-Gris » snails (Helix aspersa maxima). The breeding season begins in March by the reproductive phase and in May the eggs are “dropped” in outdoor parks to be picked up in October.

Terrines, soups or simply with garlic butter sauce there are many ways of enjoying this French speciality.

Where to buy ?
Escargotière du Choquel
55 rue du Choquel, in Saint-Martin-Choquel (near Desvres)
T: 00 33 (0)

(better call before to check opening times)


foie gras

Where to buy ?
Trésors du Puit du Sart
Ferme du Bédouatre, in Saint-Martin-Boulogne

Foie gras sausages, smoked and marinated duck breast, « boudin blanc » with foie gras …

Open Tuesday to Friday from 10am to noon and from 2pm to 6pm. Saturday: 10am to noon and from 2pm to 5pm.

Le Foie Gras de l’Artois
73 rue Saint-Antoine, Chocques ( near Béthune)

Open from Monday to Saturday from 9am to noon and from 2pm to 7pm, Every Sundays in December and at  Arras Christmas Market.


Andouille ou andouillette ?

Arras andouillette is cooked with « frison de porc » ( no need to know exactly what it is…). It is one of the oldest specialty of the city. The best way to enjoy andouillette is to bake in the oven at 160 °c and end cooking under the grill.

Where to buy?

Andouillette can be found at butchers’ shop in and around Arras and at Arras weekly markets on Wednesdays and Saturday mornings on the Grand Place.

In Aire-sur-la-Lys, the Andouille is a long-standing tradition. Originally, it was created to improve food preservation. The recipe, then, evolved.

Made of 70% lean pork, 30% fat and sage, the andouille has the particularity of containing no offal.

Where to buy?

Charcuterie Fumery

10 rue de la Vignette, in Aire-sur-la-Lys

Licques turkey: quality poultry


At the beginning, only turkeys were raised and only at the end of the year. Given the success of this local poultry, farmers created a cooperative, and started producing all year long and thus expanding the range of products. You can find Licques chickens in the local supermarkets throughout the year but also more seasonal products such as capon.

Each year in December, the village of Licques beats to rythm of the Turkey Festival : terroir market, procession through the streets, tastings,…


Where to buy ?
Volailles de Licques
777 rue de l’Abbé Pruvost,in Licques


traditions from here and abroad

Polish specialities

The Polish community represents an important part of the regional population: 500,000 people who keep their festive and culinary traditions. Try sweet home-made specialities such as makotch, placek, babka or prune fritters. If you prefer savoury dishes, Polish butchers offer delicious sausages with marjoram or metka.

Where to buy ?

Boucherie-Charcuterie Karolewicz
5 Grand Place,in Harnes

Boucherie-Charcuterie Schimowski
Marché couvert de Liévin
17 rue Faidherbe,in Liévin

Boucherie-Charcuterie Rauwel
2 rue Casimir Beugnet,in Sallaumines

Les saveurs de Pologne
386 rue Jules Guesde, in Bruay-la-Buissière


the other cheese region…

Have you ever heard of « Fleur d’Audresselles », « Ecume de Wimereux », « Sablé de Wissant », « Cœur d’Arras », « Vieux Boulogne », « Le Belval », «  Sire de Créquy » ?

Here, the reputation of cheeses and artisan cheesemakers are primarily earned by word of mouth. All you have to do is have a taste and you will be hooked.


Where to buy ?


Fromagerie Sainte Godeleine,in Wierre-Effroy

Cœur d’Arras can be found at La Finarde, in Arras Citadel, on Thursday afternoons from2.30pm to 7.30 pm and at weekly markets.

Buy Fort de Béthune at La Prairie (cheese shop and delicatessen), 20 Rue Albert 1er in Béthune

Abbaye de Belval have a range of cheeses matured in the cellar, coated with spices and aromatic plants.

Abbaye de Belval 437 Rue principale, in Troisvaux, near Montreuil-sur-Mer

traditions from here and abroad

Le Fort de Lens

This cheese, spread on bread, was the miners’ snack. It was made of various cheese leftovers and was thus affordable for the miners’ families

Where to buy?

Fromagerie Philippe Olivier
39 rue René Lanoy,in Lens

Open Wednesday to Saturday from 9am to 12.30pm and from 3pm to 7pm; Tuesday from 3pm to 7pm.

beer and spirits

In Pas-de-Calais, beers are characterised by their pronounced flavour and high alcool content.Bière de Garde is a local icon. They, of course, perfectly match our regional dishes, particularly cheese.


Where to buy?

The Saint Glin Glin

The Brasserie l’Artésienne is located in Auchy-les-Mines. This is where the Saint Glin Glin, the Weed, the Portes des Flandres and the gluten-free beer “Bon Samaritain” are produced.

On sale at the Béthune-Bruay Tourist Office,3 Rue Aristide Briand,  Béthune

The Page 24

Brewed in the heart of the Artois hills, the Page 24 beers have received many awards at the Salon de l’agriculture in Paris.

Brasserie Saint-Germain,26 route d’Arras, Aix-Noulette

The Ch’ti

Just 10 min away from Lens, the Brasserie Castelain produces the famous Bière du Ch’ti.

Brasserie Castelain, 13 rue Pasteur,  Bénifontaine

Brasserie La Goudale

Parc d’activités de la Porte Multimodale de l’Aa
Avenue Isaac Newton, Arques

Brasserie des 2 Deux Caps
Ferme la Belle Dalle, Tardinghen

Brasserie Quentovic

27 Rue du Collège, Beaurainville


The Genièvre de Houlle

In Northern France, a good family meal often ends with a glass of Genièvre de Houlle.The distillery has been founded in 1812 and was awarded World’s Best Genever this year.

Where to buy ?
Distillerie Persyn
19 route de Watten, Houlle


christmas pudding


Yes, you’ve read it right ! Christmas pudding is a tradition here, especially around Boulogne and Calais.

Each familly has its own recipe, that is transmitted from generation to generation.

Most of the time it is dressed with warm rhum and set alight while the whole familly gather round singing a traditonal song.


polish desserts

Where to buy ?

Boulangerie Zalejski
16-18 Rue Charles Debarge, Harnes

Boulangerie Zelek
38 avenue Félix Cadras, Avion

Boulangerie Crispyn
53 avenue de Varsovie, Lens

Les saveurs de Pologne
386 Rue Jules Guesde, Bruay-la-Buissière


Bon appétit !